The Wear-Wolf of Blood Manor

Field stones in the old walls winding about the property shattered with gun-shot explosions that would have startled coveys of partridge into the air, had those not been imprisoned within the frozen wickerwork of their sheltering underbrush, lucky to still be on the living side of hypothermia. I Frost Giants – immense, primordial, inhuman entities… Continue reading The Wear-Wolf of Blood Manor

The Zombie(less) Apocalypse

A thunderous crash, punctuated by a roar of frustration, rattled the water glass on Bane’s nightstand. It sounded as if the unhappy ursine was attempting to mimic human speech, and failing miserably. I On an unseasonably cool and pleasant night in early September; in the hinterlands of Loudoun County, Virginia; in a farmhouse called Runeharrow,… Continue reading The Zombie(less) Apocalypse

The Haunter of the Park

Sean Lana ran toward the sunset, sure that it would be his last.  The strength in his long, lanky frame was ebbing fast, and the fiends drew closer with each stride, gibbering , moaning and snapping their splintered teeth. He’d thought he was doing all right, working his way ever so slowly through the outskirts… Continue reading The Haunter of the Park

Earthblood, Ironheart

Author’s Note: What follows is a series of treatments, vignettes and fragments, all based on the premise that the human race not only survives the Zombie Apocalypse, but becomes the baddest buncha mo-fos in the galaxy as a result – the old “what does not kill you, etc.” bit. While the “Earthblood” concept is intended… Continue reading Earthblood, Ironheart