Mold Making

I add a little sculpey plug to the model to create a funnel for the resin.
Then I measure and cut wood sides for the clay bed. They aren’t attached, the clamps are holding them together.
Measure and cut the lexan base.
Tack the base to the wood sides with hot glue. I need to pop those sides off later, so I don’t glue them down all the way.
Measure and cut the sides.
Mark the midline of the model.
I didn’t get a pic of one of the most important things, which was packing and leveling the clay bed. But you get the idea from this one, with the model pressed into it.
Make sure the midline marks are flush with the clay.
Pop off the wood sides. This worked just like I hoped, and they peeled right off the base.
Hot glue the sides in place and restore the clamps, jic.
I ran out of clay, or I would have added more filler.
I insert ball bearings to create keyholes, and spray the whole thing with release agent.
Mix and pour, and the first mold should be ready around 22:00. I’ll bake it a couple more hours under the desk lamp, then should be ready to make the 2nd part.