The Fenton Troll Tooth

Of a sudden, the thunderous footsteps halted.  There was an enormous, effortful groaning accompanied by a vast, wet, sucking sound, as if a titan galosh had been pulled free of a correspondingly large quagmire.  Finch spun in outright panic toward Bane and the girls. I Atticus Bane, intrepid inquirer into the improbable and the explicable,… Continue reading The Fenton Troll Tooth

The Wear-Wolf of Blood Manor

Field stones in the old walls winding about the property shattered with gun-shot explosions that would have startled coveys of partridge into the air, had those not been imprisoned within the frozen wickerwork of their sheltering underbrush, lucky to still be on the living side of hypothermia. I Frost Giants – immense, primordial, inhuman entities… Continue reading The Wear-Wolf of Blood Manor

The Zombie(less) Apocalypse

A thunderous crash, punctuated by a roar of frustration, rattled the water glass on Bane’s nightstand. It sounded as if the unhappy ursine was attempting to mimic human speech, and failing miserably. I On an unseasonably cool and pleasant night in early September; in the hinterlands of Loudoun County, Virginia; in a farmhouse called Runeharrow,… Continue reading The Zombie(less) Apocalypse