Oz of the Dead

His features were withered and desiccated, the sallow, discolored parchment skin stretched over sharp bones beneath. His eyes were red embers burning from the depths of sunken orbits, and as he opened his mouth to moan a hideous and sickening moan, she saw that his teach were a jagged serration, his tongue a black worm… Continue reading Oz of the Dead

Earthblood, Ironheart

Author’s Note: What follows is a series of treatments, vignettes and fragments, all based on the premise that the human race not only survives the Zombie Apocalypse, but becomes the baddest buncha mo-fos in the galaxy as a result – the old “what does not kill you, etc.” bit. While the “Earthblood” concept is intended… Continue reading Earthblood, Ironheart

Let’s Do Lunch

“Well,” I said, gazing out from the patio of the little restaurant on the hillside.  “It’s not quite what I expected…” Sure, what passed for the sky was a roiling mass of sooty grey clouds shot through with red lightning, the sand on the beach smelled faintly of brimstone, and the ocean appeared to be… Continue reading Let’s Do Lunch