Subtle Energy Tuning Chapter 1 Foundation Breathing for Energy Work What follows are some pointers on how to begin working with subtle energies, both in yourself and in the Universe at large. “Working with” involves becoming aware of your subtle energies, cultivating those energies by accumulating and strengthening your personal reservoir, then using that stored… Continue reading Untitled

The Fenton Troll Tooth

Of a sudden, the thunderous footsteps halted.  There was an enormous, effortful groaning accompanied by a vast, wet, sucking sound, as if a titan galosh had been pulled free of a correspondingly large quagmire.  Finch spun in outright panic toward Bane and the girls. I Atticus Bane, intrepid inquirer into the improbable and the explicable,… Continue reading The Fenton Troll Tooth

Oz of the Dead

His features were withered and desiccated, the sallow, discolored parchment skin stretched over sharp bones beneath. His eyes were red embers burning from the depths of sunken orbits, and as he opened his mouth to moan a hideous and sickening moan, she saw that his teach were a jagged serration, his tongue a black worm… Continue reading Oz of the Dead

Against a Darker Tide

Montana was ass-deep in droolers as soon as she kicked through the buckled remains of the lobby door. Through her RITIGs, it was a green and black vision of hell—a crowd of the unliving rounding on the sudden racket, jaws champing with rabid anticipation. Prologue On a sepulchral autumn night, in the half-forgotten town of… Continue reading Against a Darker Tide

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